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      161.Tony likes walking in the country and _______.

      A. also does Mary B. Mary does also C. so Mary does D. so does Mary

      162.If you _______ in taking this attitude, we‘ll have to ask you to leave.

      A. insist B. resist C. persist D. exist

      163.They have to stay with us _______ the time being because they have not found a place yet.

      A. during B. in C. for D. since

      164.Sixty percent of television viewers chose him as their _______ host.

      A. popular B. preferred C. favorite D. favored

      165.He cleans the offices after all the workers have gone _______.

      A. home B. at home C. in home D. to home

      166.You can‘t rely _______ him to do the job properly.

      A. to B. on C. in D. with

      167.He‘ll _______ his nervousness once he’s on stage.

      A. get over B. get off C. get out D. get through

      168.Each one of us, _______ old or young, is a valuable member of society.

      A. however B. whenever C. whoever D. no matter

      169.Diamonds are the hardest substance _______ in nature.

      A. find B. found C. finding D. to find

      170.I‘ll leave him a note _______ he’ll know where we are.

      A. for B. that C. so that D. such that

      171.I don‘t want to go into the sea. I’d rather lie on the _______.

      A. coast B. shore C. bank D. beach

      172.Jane came _______ because her car has broken down.

      A. by feet B. on feet C. with foot D. on foot

      173.Frank couldn‘t help _______ his wife that he was worried about losing his job.

      A. tell B. to tell C. telling D. expect tell

      174.Our responsibility involves _______ the problems of homelessness in the city.

      A. deal with B. to deal with C. dealing with D. in dealing with

      175.I‘m going to the hairdresser’s to _______. Would you like to go with me?

      A. cut my hair B. have my hair cut C. have cut my hair D. cut off my hair

      176.We‘ve _______ milk. Could you stop at the store on your way home?

      A. run through B. run over C. run off D. run out of

      177.When the engine broke down, the boat‘s crew found themselves _______ of the wind.

      A. at the cost B. at the mercy C. at the rate D. at the moment

      178.The President was among the first to congratulate the scientist _______ his new discovery.

      A. at B. in C. about D. on

      179.Police Chief Timothy told reporters that the police officers wounded in the rescue operation were rapidly _______.

      A. curing B. treating C. healing D. recovering

      180.The more the customer complained, _______ and more unpleasant the manager became.

      A. the ruder B. more rude C. the rudest D. the rude


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