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  181.I‘d like to _______ a photo of you with my camera.

  A. make B. take C. expose D. shot

  182.In terms of electronic devices, it‘s easy to buy exactly _______ you need in a big city.

  A. that B. those C. what D. which

  183.Sorry to be late, but we were _______ for half an hour in the traffic.

  A. put back B. broken down C. held up D. kept off

  184.There are plans to _______ the corporation into a number of smaller independent companies.

  A. shrink B. split C. spur D. spill

  185.Smith was _______ of murdering his wife, but no evidence was yet provided.

  A. blamed B. charged C. accused D. arrested

  186.“What were you doing while all this was _______?” the manager demanded angrily.

  A. getting on B. going on C. holding on D. carrying on

  187.Several people were unable to _______ the meeting because of the storm.

  A. attend B. participate C. join D. attempt

  188.Young people are keener _______ high pay and promotion but less concerned with security and job satisfaction than older people.

  A. on B. to C. for D. at

  189.If he _______ in landing a job, Tom will inform us immediately.

  A. succeeds B. succeeded C. will succeed D. is succeeding

  190.I was delighted _______ her performance in NYU last night.

  A. of B. with C. from D. for

  191.Don‘t go shopping during the _______ hour unless you have to.

  A. busy B. dash C. rush D. hurry

  192.We _______ so much food last night. Only three guests turned up.

  A. shouldn‘t order B. didn’t need order C. needn‘t have ordered D. mustn’t have ordered

  193.Why don‘t you start out early _______ you don’t have to hurry?

  A. so as B. so that C. as such D. as well as

  194.Jack is going to a concert tomorrow evening. So _______.

  A. am I B. I am C. will I D. I will

  195.Other students joined in the protest, and _______ a large crowd gathered outside the building.

  A. after all B. as soon as C. long before D. before long

  196.He‘ll get _______ his disappointment and be cheerful again by tomorrow morning.

  A. over B. away C. through D. out of

  197.“How long did it take you to realize that he was dishonest?” “I _______ from the start.”

  A. looked him out B. looked him over C. saw him out D. saw him through

  198.It might be possible to _______ the problem in a different way.

  A. approach B. attribute C. approve D. attend

  199.Jane has no relatives to _______ in New York.

  A. get down to B. stand up for C. fall back on D. take advantage of

  200.The police asked them to describe _______ the woman looked like.

  A. how B. what C. that D. who

  201.It is essential that you _______ any document carefully before signing it.

  A. read B. reading C. can read D. have read

  202.Some doctors claim that a vegetable diet is superior _______ a meat diet.

  A. to B. than C. over D. against

  203.The black writer wanted the other members of the workshop to treat _______ as an equal.

  A. his B. he C. him D. himself

  204.What she says _______ little relation to what she actually does.

  A. bears B. gives C. reflects D. possesses


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