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      121.We can come to the ______ that the more we practice,the more skillful we will be.

      A. tradition B. generation C. conclusion D. fact

      122.I wished it ______ but it did.

      A. had not occurred B. occurred not C. did not occur D. would not occur

      123.I have no choice ______ lay the facts before the public exactly as they occurred.

      A. but to B. and to C. with to D. only to

      124.His illness accounts ______ his absence from class.

      A. to B. for C. over D. after

      125.______ a little earlier,I would have caught the train.

      A. Did I leave B. Would I leave C. Had I left D. Have I left

      126.I have no objection ______ for a hike on the mountains with Cynthia.

      A. to go B. going C. to going D. of going

      127.To some extent the good service at the hotel ______ the poor food.

      A. brought out B. came about C. got down to D. made up for

      128.The manager would rather his daughter ______ in the same company.

      A. would not work B. will not work C. does not work D. did not work

      129.By the end of next month I ______ here for five years.

      A. will work B. have been working C. have worked D. will have worked

      130.It was ______ that we went for a picnic in the country.

      A. such nice a day B. such nice day C. so nice a day D. so nice day

      131.Some people who are very intelligent and successful in their fields find _______ difficult to succeed in language learning.

      A. which B. how C. that D. it

      132.The Ocean is more than 4000 miles _______.

      A. wider B. widest C. wide D. in wide

      133.Now you can see _______ you should consult the dictionary last, not first.

      A. which B. what C. why D. how

      134.In one type of laboratory test all the variables _______ one are controlled.

      A. by B. and C. but D. or

      135.Small _______ it is, an atom can still be seen.

      A. that B. as C. so D. where

      136.They think in getting their materials, and also in _______ them,and in plastering them together with mud.

      A. arranging B. arrange C. being arranging D. arranged

      137.I am in favor of his proposal that a special committee _______ to examine the problem.

      A. set up B. was set up C. be set up D. is setting up

      138.It has long been assumed _______ aggression is caused by male hormones.

      A. what B. that C. which D. who

      139.The actor was almost _______ most audience before he played that part.

      A. known of B. unknown to C. known for D. unknown for

      140.The fixed star was _______ a planet.

      A. made of B. made from C. made up for D. mistaken for


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