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      101.He is good at English, _______ we all know.

      A. that B. as C. whom D. what

      102.The pen _______ he is writing is mine.

      A. with which B. in which C. on which D. by which

      103.Do you know the year _______ the Chinese Communist Party was founded?

      A. which B. that C. when D. on which

      104.The place _______ interested me most was the Children‘s Palace.

      A. which B. where C. what D. in which

      105._____ she was very tired, she went on working.

      A. As B. Although C. Even D. In spite of

      106.Read it aloud _______ the class can hear you.

      A. so that B. if C. when D. although

      107.By no means _______ look down upon the disabled.A. should we B. we should C. we shall D. we ought

      108._______ today, he would get there by Friday.

      A. Would he leave B. Were he leaving C. Were he to leave D. Had he left

      109._______, it is quite easy to drill a hole in it with a eraser.

      A. Hard a diamond is B. Hard as a diamond is C. As a diamond is hard D. How hard is a diamond

      110.If we _______ everything ready by now, we should be having a terrible time tomorrow.

      A. hadn‘t got B. didn’t get C. wouldn‘t have got D. wouldn’t get

      111.Was it in that school _______ he developed his interest in Physics?

      A. which B. from which C. where D. that

      112.We often hear old people wishing they ________ young again.

      A. are B. were C. had been D. will be

      113._______ he says or does won‘t make me change my mind at all.

      A. Whatever B. However C. Which D. How

      114.Only when you have finished your homework _______ go home.

      A. can you B. would you C. you will D. you can

      115.The ants, hardworking _______ they are, havetheir time for play.

      A. if B. as C. since D. thoughhttp://www.zikao.hn.cn/

      116.Some states have an income tax similar to ______ of the federal government.

      A. that B. those C. this D. these

      117.______ the examination, I would have gone to the football match last night.

      A. But for B. In spite of C. Because of D. Provided that

      118.He had the ______ over other boys of having had very good preschool education.

      A. ability B. advantage C. aggression D. alternative

      119.The Atlantic Ocean is only half as big as the Pacific, ______ it is still very large.

      A. but B. and C. so D. therefore

      120.It was there, the police believe, ______ she was able to activate the recorder she kept in her bag.

      A. until B. which C. that D. when


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