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      81.She _____ the film. She knows nothing about it.

      A. can‘t see B. can’t have seen C. must see D. mustn‘t have seen

      82.Let‘s clean the classroom, _______?

      A. won‘t you B. shall we C. do we D. will not you

      83.— Shall I tell John about it?

      — No,you _____. I don‘t know his telephone number.

      A. needn‘t B. wouldn’t C. mustn‘t D. shouldn’t

      84.Up to now there have been many explanations _______ the cause of sleepwalking.

      A. in view of B. in line with C. apart from D. as to

      85.What you said reminds me _______ something I read a few days ago.

      A. for B. by C. from D. of

      86.My skirt looks similar _______ yours.

      A. with B. to C. about D. in

      87.She took a spoonful and tasted it _______ it was hot.

      A. in case B. in case of C. in the case of D. in that case

      88.Don‘t wait for me if you _______.

      A. have a hurry B. are in a hurry C. have a speed D. are in a speed

      89.It‘s raining _______. We have to stay at home instead of going fishing.

      A. badly B. hardly C. heavily D. strongly

      90.______ he speaks softly is no proof that he is kind.

      A. Since B. As C. That D. Because

      91.Copernicus maintained that the earth ______ round the sun.

      A. moves B. moved C. moving D. move

      92.He was very ______ to go,but he had no choice.

      A. ready B. willing C. reluctant D. hesitant

      93.Two-thirds of his property ______ lost in the fire.

      A. was B. were C. are D. have been

      94.Remember, nothing hurts concentration ______ reading too slowly.

      A. rather than B. as well as C. more than D. instead of

      95.Many people have made a ______ to a physical fitness program so as to maintain good health.

      A. decision B. commitment C. contribution D. difference

      96.Scientists could see many things that most people would ______ to see.

      A. feel B. fail C. fall D. fill

      97.She passed the examination ______ she studied very little.

      A. in spite of B. despite C. though D. in that

      98.The father wished the twins to be doctors, but ______ of them liked to study medicine.

      A. both B. neither C. either D. none

      99.John is so strongly built that he looks as if he ______ an elephant.

      A. lifts B. is lifting C. lifted D. could lift

      100.The book was sold ______ 50 dollars.

      A. in the price of B. at the price of C. with the price D. of all the price in


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