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      61.The computer of this kind can work ______ than the one of that kind.

      A. hundred of times faster B. a hundred time faster C. hundred times faster D. hundreds of times faster

      62.When I was young, my grandmother told me that the earth ______ round.

      A. is B. was C. has been D. had been

      63.—Do you know Jack well?

      —Certainly. We ______ friends since ten years ago.

      A. were B. have made C. have become D. have been

      64.These hamburgers ______ nice, so they have all ______ out.

      A. taste, sell B. are tasted, sell C. taste, been sold D. are tasted, been sold

      65.We now have ______ fast ways of traveling that this big ocean seems to have grown smaller.

      A. so B. such C. so a D. such a

      66.I do not wish to ______ your sincerity.

      A. reflect B. reflect on C. reflect in D. reflect about

      67.The smog is due ______ invisible gases, mostly from automobile exhaust.

      A. from B. to C. for D. with

      68.______ is accepted as true is relatively, and not absolutely, true.

      A. It B. That C. What D. That it

      69.How can you keep the machine ______ when you‘re away?

      A. run B. to run C. running D. being run

      70.Because of his degree, he refused to do ______ he thought “low” work.

      A. that B. what C. which D. who

      71.She hasn‘t decided with ______ she should first make contact.

      A. who B. whom C. how D. which

      72.That is ______ we differ.

      A. that B. where C. what D. whether

      73.Another worry is that telecommunication systems may isolate people ______ each other.

      A. from B. for C. with D. to

      74.If I ______ in your place, I wouldn‘t trouble him.

      A. were B. had been C. could be D. was to be

      75._______ the moon moves round the earth is well known to all of us.

      A. That B. What C. When D. As

      76.I doubt _______ they can complete the bridge ahead of time.

      A. whether B. that C. why D. what

      77.The question he asked was _______ I come here.

      A. that B. how C. what D. because

      78.Too many people are indifferent _______ others‘ troubles.

      A. with B. to C. of D. about

      79.Let us see how dictionaries are made and how the editors _______ definitions.

      A. lead to B. arrive at C. reach for D. approach to

      80.Shanghai is the place _______ I was born.

      A. on which B. in which C. when D. that


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