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  1、In order to follow fashions, the girl has to ______ great discomforts.

  A、catch up with

  B、put up with

  C、keep up with

  D、fall in with

  2、【完成句子】Lightning is generated when electrical charges separate in rain clouds, though processes are still not fully understood. Typically, positive charges(正电荷) build at the cloud top, while the bottom becomes negatively charged(负电荷的). In most instances of cloud-to-ground lightning, the negatively charged lower portion of the cloud repels negatively charged particles on the ground’s surfaces, making it become positively charged. The positive charge on the ground gathers at elevated points.

  In most cases of cloud-to-ground lightning, the ground’s surface__________.

  A、is positively charged

  B、is shifted sideways by strong winds

  C、is negative charged

  D、is changed from positively charge to negative charge


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