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  【阅读理解】“Longer life would give us a chance to recover from our mistakes and promote long term thinking,” says Dr Gregory Stock of the University Of California School Of Public Health. “It would also raise productivity by adding to the year we can work.”

  Longer lives don't just affect the people who live them. They also affect society as a whole. “We have war, poverty, all sorts of issues around, and I don’t think any of them would be at all helped by having people live longer,” says US bioethicist Daniel Callahan. “The question is ‘What will we get as a society’s suspect it won’t be a better society.”

  Which of the following is NOT mentioned as one of the things that living longer might enable an individual to do

  A、Spending more time with his family.

  B、Having more education.

  C、Realizing more dreams.

  D、Working longer.

  正确答案: B

  答案解析: 答案选B。长寿使个人能做的事主要在以上两段里讲到,编辑没有提到长寿可以让人更多地接受教育。


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