NACCS 40th Anniversary (Chicago 2012)


Celebrating Scholarship and Activism

Palmer House Hilton
Chicago, Illinois
March 14-17, 2012

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Many important events happened in 1972: the beginning of the Farah Strike, the release of Rudolfo Anaya’s Bless me Ultima, and Chicanas issued their Party Platform at La Raza Unida Party’s first national political convention. The National Association for Chicana and Chicano Studies was also founded in 1972 as an essential branch of the Chicana/Chicano Civil Rights Movement. NACCS was formed at the Southwestern Social Science Association meeting in San Antonio, Texas. Since 1972, NACCS has undergone many important changes, evolving into an organization that represents Chicana/Chicano issues in myriad ways, through scholarship, publications, meetings, awards, artistic expressions, political action, and community service.

NACCS is unique among academic organizations in that it reflects the field’s mission of connecting scholars to service, university to community, ideas to expression in words, images, and action. For the 40th anniversary of NACCS, we call for submissions on Chicana/Chicano Studies in all its beauty and strength. The contemporary challenges to Chicana/Chicano Studies have been intense not only in Arizona, but in many states across the country, challenging Chicana/Chicano equality and inclusion in the very fabric of society. It is important at this moment to celebrate NACCS’ work to revitalize us as teachers, scholars, activists, and artists. The road ahead presents challenges and opportunities, progressive action, not solely defensive protection of previous gains.

On this 40th anniversary year, we return to Chicago, in the heart of the Chicana/Chicano Midwest, home of historic Mexican communities for over a century. Chicano Studies programs and Departments in the Midwest Foco will also be celebrating their 40th anniversary year with NACCS. Don’t miss this opportunity to visit Aztlan del Norte and share your experience and vision with us as we move into the next 40 years.

Susan M. Green, Ph.D.
Chair-Elect and 2012 Program Chair

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  1. Guillermo Lux, Ph.D. says:

    Correction: NACCS was founded in 1973 in Las Vegas, New Mexico. I was co-chair with Prof. Jaime Sena Rivera who organized the three-day meeting. In 1972, eighteen of us met in the stairwell of the hotel, (for lack of a meeting room) and agreed to meet in Las Vegas the following year. After three days of discussion, the broad framework of the organization was agreed upon. A steering committee was formed to continue further planning. There was a second meeting in the fall at UC Irvine.

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