Solving for XY = BAD BITCH squared

She’s like…

6 times a DIAMOND

12 times the SHINE

2 times the ROUGH

And 10 times the FINE

3 veces el SOL

Por 4 la LUNA

Estrellas Brillantes,

Como ella NINGUNA

4 times HISTORY

2 times WHENEVER

Swag times INFINITY

Times that by FOREVER

Mil veces, the JOY

Minus that by the PAIN

If you’ve LOVED or you’ve LOST

Knowing her was YOUR GAIN…

Do the math RIGHT

Her smell, her smile, her walk, her class

Doing her WRONG?

Remainder = DUMBASS

- by (Mi Vida) Vixen

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2 Responses to Solving for XY = BAD BITCH squared

  1. la rebelde says:

    I dig it. Gracias for sharing.

  2. I love it! Great energy, sass & brass.

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